Where it all began

Monica Reid founded Kestrel Consulting in 2000 in Santa Cruz, California. The company is incorporated in the State of California.

Where we are today

Today, Kestrel continues to help our clients innovate with projects to address water, energy and the environment. Kestrel Consulting Inc. includes a small, but diverse staff of committed, talented individuals. We are based in Hood River, Oregon in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, and have an office in the greater Seattle area.

Who we serve

Our clients and collaborators include federal, state and local government, nonprofits and private industry.

How we got our name

While the kestrel is North America’s smallest falcon, it is a fierce and intense predator. It is extremely adept at hunting, and is also one of the most elegant and colorful of all raptors. Like the kestrel, we are a small, specialized consulting firm with an intensity for getting the job done well—and right.

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