Kestrel Approved As Verifiers


The Climate Bond Standards Board has confirmed Kestrel Consulting, Inc. as an Approved Verifier under the Climate Bond Standards and Certification Scheme.

Our role as a verifier will be to assess eligible projects under the Climate Bond Standard to determine their compliance with published criteria. The verifiers’ role is key to the Climate Bonds Certification process. We can also provide Second-Party Opinions for Green Bonds. Our new Kestrel Verifiers website has all the details:

Kestrel joins 24 other companies worldwide that are approved verifiers. CEO and Principal Consultant, Monica Reid said, “As a small business, we will maintain our total commitment to service to our clients. We look forward to working with the Climate Bonds Initiative and issuers, and doing our part to catalyze solutions to the tremendous environmental and infrastructure challenges posed by global climate change.”Climate Bonds Initiative CEO, Sean Kidney said: “Kestrel coming on board is a welcome addition to our US-based Verifiers. There is enormous growth potential for certified green bonds, particularly in the municipal sector and to fund system upgrades and new climate resilient infrastructure. Kestrel's long-term expertise, particularly around water, energy and environmental assessment well matches where we see the US market developing.”

About Standards: The Climate Bonds Standard is a general screening tool with sector-specific categories that assists investors and governments to easily prioritize climate and green bonds with confidence that the funds are being used to deliver climate change solutions. 

About Certification: Climate Certified bonds must meet the requirements of the Climate Bonds Standard with any assets and projects funded consistent with the relevant eligibility criteria. Climate Bonds Certification increases assurance for investors around the funded assets.

About Climate Bonds Initiative: Climate Bonds Initiative is the only organization in the world working solely to mobilize the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market, for climate change solutions. We promote investment in projects and assets necessary for a rapid transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy. The strategy is to develop a large and liquid Green Bonds Market that will help drive down the cost of capital for climate projects in developed and emerging markets; to grow aggregation mechanisms for fragmented sectors; and to support governments seeking to tap debt capital markets. For more information, please visit

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